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First Presbyterian Church has a wonderful history of Christian ministry in Fort Collins since August 25, 1872. The Holy Spirit has used the men and women of this church to make our city the wonderful place that it is. Streets and schools bear their names: Mason, Mathews, Peterson, Stover, Whedbee; Shepardson, Dunn, Kruse and several others were named for the contributions that these Christians and Presbyterians made to the life of our fair city. That remarkable contribution continues, with members of our church, inspired by their faith in Christ, being active in nearly every aspect of life in Fort Collins.

Today our church is in the center of bringing the heart of the Lord to the heart of the city. Our local mission efforts are extraordinary, caring for the neediest among us, and reaching out with the gospel to more and more people. Hundreds of students from the elementary ages, through high school and college, are learning about Christ through the ministry of First Pres. Our worship services and excellent adult classes bring the Gospel to more people in our city every year. For both seekers and mature Christians, we are touching lives for Christ in classic Reformed and contemporary Reformed worship, and in bold and dynamic fellowship, education and study groups. We have a place for you!

We’d love to have you make FPC your church home by becoming a member of our church. To become a member, attend one of our FPC At-a-Glance Classes held four times a year. You will get to know more about the people and the ministries of the church, learn more what we as Christians and as Presbyterians believe, meet some of the pastors and staff, explore where you’d like to become involved, and get to know others who are also considering membership.

If you have any questions about the church or about becoming a member, contact our Director of Involvement CarolJoy Evans, at (970) 482-6107.

Who can become a member?
All who have faith in and confess Jesus Christ as Savior and accept his Lordship in all of life. Baptism and a public profession of faith in Jesus as Lord are the visible signs of entrance into the active membership of the church.

What is a member?
A member is a person that has chosen to make a commitment to serve Jesus Christ in a local congregation of believers—choosing a particular congregation as their “church home.” Members have a vote in congregational meetings and are eligible to be nominated to serve as elders and deacons.

What about children?
When children reach an age when they’re ready to make a public profession of their faith in Christ they can become members of the church. At our church we most often do this through Confirmation. Confirmation classes are offered as a 15-week course for those in the 9th to 12th grades, from September through May. At the end of the course, each student decides whether or not they would like to confirm their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and thus “confirm” for themselves the vows made on their behalf at baptism. (Ordinarily they are baptized at their confirmation service if they have not previously been baptized.) Once a student has been confirmed, they become members of the church.

Why be a member?
Most importantly it is a way of publicly professing your faith in Christ as Lord and Savior. It is also a way of saying that you are committed to serving Christ and His Church in this local body of believers. It allows you to be part of the decision-making of the church, both in terms of voting in congregational meetings and, if you are qualified and elected, of being an elder, deacon, or a ministry team member. We ask that those who are involved in the teaching ministry of our church be members as well.

How do I become a member?
Basically, it involves taking part in our At-a-Glance class. At the end of the class, you decide whether you want to become a member. If so, you meet with the Session (our Board of Elders) and are formally received by them. There are three technical descriptions of how you become a member: 1) Affirmation of Faith, 2) Reaffirmation of Faith, and 3) Certificate of Transfer. If you have been a member of another Christian church that does membership transfers, we can have your membership transferred to this one. If you have never been baptized and/or publicly professed your faith, you can be received by Affirmation of Faith and we will arrange a time for you to be baptized. If you have been baptized and have previously been involved in a church, but are not currently a member of another church, we can receive you by Reaffirmation of Faith.

What if I’m here only temporarily?
There is a category of membership called “Affiliate Membership” that allows you to keep your membership at your home church, while still expressing your commitment to this local congregation while you are here. This is often the case for students, interns, missionaries, and other temporary ministry personnel. Affiliate members do not vote or hold office (of elder or deacon). If you are not a member of another church, consider being a member here and then transferring your membership when you relocate.

What if I don’t want to become a member?
We believe that membership is a valuable and important way to publicly profess faith in Christ (Mt. 10:32-33) and to be a part of Christ’s Body, the Church (I Cor 12:12-21, 27). We also recognize that some people prefer not to become members. If this is the case with you, please know that we welcome you to fully participate in the life and worship of our church (e.g. accept the invitation to partake of Communion, participate in any classes or activities, meet with the pastors or staff, sing in the choir, etc.). We want you to feel part of the congregational family whether or not you are a member. The only limitations are those stated above: voting, holding office, or participating in the teaching ministry. (Note: if you fall in this category and wish to stop receiving invitations to At-a-Glance classes, please contact Michelle Riesel, (970)482-6107.)


  Paul Parsons
Interim Senior Pastor

  Cindy Frost
Associate Pastor